Batch Fryer

Batch Fryer

Specially designed Stainless steel batch fryers with multiple inlet for oil and filtration system, the shape of the batch fryer can be rectangular or circular. Circular Batch fryers are available in various sizes, Tilting type facility for stainless steel basket for easy removal of the product thereby reducing the oil in the product substantially. Heat Exchangers are inbuilt in the batch fryer there by two way heating of oil is possible.

Oil heated which is passing through the stainless steel tubes indirect heat type

Oil heated which is kept in the frying pan (kadai by direct heat)

Indirect heat type batch fryer

Rectangular or circler indirect heat type batch fryer is fabricated in stainless steel 304 body having pan is mounted on a stainless steel 304 body. The pan is having multiple opening for oil inlet from one side and outlet from the other side, the flow of oil is regulated by an oil circulating pump. The heated oil in the pan is coming from the heat exchanger and going out into the bucket type filter from the side of the pan. The pan is properly insulated from the bottom to avoid heat loss. Continuous bucket type filters for filtering the edible oil continuously. The indirect heat type frying system is connected with digital temperature controller and control panel. The unique feature of this fryer is its tilting system that enables unloading of products in a single stroke after frying for uniform and consistent product quality.

Advance advantage of indirect heat type batch fryer

  • Latest oil heating technology with inbuilt heat exchanger.
  • The entire system's oil is passed through the bucket type continuous oil filtration system, thus this filtration are the almost total elimination of burnt fines on the finished product reduced carbon build-up.
  • Reduces manpower in frying compare to traditional batch fryer.
  • Complete material of construction is stainless steel 304 grades
  • Oil holding capacity: - 110-140 litters
  • Heat free working environment
  • More than 55% fuel saving as compared traditional system
  • Also available in tilting system thus unloading product in just single stock.